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Content Marketing on Social Networks for Easter Holidays

Understanding the tone of each social network especially during the holidays can be tricky for businesses. Create content for your marketing initiatives that is applicable to both your industry and to Easter. Below we detail the major social networks and what types of posts are best for each.




Posting about topics, holidays, and current events that Facebook users already have in mind tend to go more viral than other posts. For example, posts that mentioned Independence Day on July 4th created somewhere near 90% more engagement than all other types of posts published that day.


What kind of content is best to post on Facebook?


  • Photos on Facebook Pages receive 53% more likes than the average post.
  • Photos attract 104% more comments than the average post
  • Fill-in-the-blank posts generate about 90% more engagement than the average text post.




Google+ is home to the tech-savvy. Which means outdated posts are not going to bode well with your audience. Relevant and trending topics are monitored and responded to. Keep track of when Easter is trending on Google+ so you can get on top of it.


Keep thing fresh like E! Entertainment News by creating some content around Easter in a way that is somehow connected to your business. Includes interesting images and the occasional links to interesting content, promotions, and videos. Posting links to your original content will get indexed by Google and improve your SEO.




Pinterest is a powerful tool for social promotions.  Pinterest users spend more money, more often on more items than any other of the top 5 social platforms.


This makes Easter the perfect season to utilize Pinterest. Help your customers find Easter gifts, crafts, DIY, and more.


How women (70% of all Pinterest accounts) use Pinterest for holiday shopping:


  • 60% to find gift ideas
  • 26% to create a wishlist to share
  • 23% top in photos of gifts bought or made for others
  • 36% to do research on gifts for others that are already in consideration




It’s hard to get heard with all of the noise on Twitter. There are approximately 3,000 tweets sent per second! So make your tweets exciting. In less than 140 characters, you have to grab the attention of your audience.  

Giving followers a peek into behind-the-scenes can go a long way. To the audience, it feels exclusive. It’s necessary to provide content that they feel is worth their time. Or give them ideas on something they are interested in. Cara Tarbaj

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