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Six Evergreen Marketing Tips That Actually Work

Marketing – this one word can either make or break your business. The sooner you realize this, the better. Because other business owners are struggling with their marketing efforts, I’d like to share with you 10 marketing tips that are proven and tested to work. How do I know that these tips work? Simple. I used them myself!


If you’re looking marketing strategies that you can use for your business, then you can use my tips as your starting point. However, before you even start using any of them, I’d like to emphasize how there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for all types of businesses (as you can probably imagine). That said, I urge you to customize my tips based on the important elements that revolve around your business (I.e. your target market, your product, demographics, etc…).


Let’s get this started.


1.) Think inside-out. Establish your website first.


The truth is, people tend to be very judgemental. If they visit your site and see that it is poorly designed, chances are good that they’ll find you less credible and not worth their business. You and I probably feel the same way too.

So before you think about telling others about your website, you have to make sure that it’s already completed or perhaps established to a certain extent. Telling others about your website when it still looks crappy can gravely damage your brand.


2.) Start guest posting


Guest posting is so simple to do there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Even if you haven’t done it yet, you probably have a good idea of how it works.


1.) Look for high quality and niche related sites.

2.) Contact the webmaster and ask if you can contribute to their site.

3.) Wait for their reply.

4.) Send them a well written article according to their guidelines if they say, “sure, send the article over”.

5.) They’ll then post your article with your link in it.


It’s that simple. That’s the gist of the process. Others make it sound like guest posting is rocket science when in fact it isn’t. So you might be wondering, what kind of benefits will you get from guest posting? I’m glad you asked.


1.) It helps you establish your credibility as an expert in your niche – this breeds trust.

2.) It can help bring tons of traffic to your website. This of course increases your chances of converting these viewers to paying customers.

3.) It helps your website rank on search results which is one of the best ways (if not the best) to bring in thousands or even millions of traffic to your site.

4.) You can do it for free. Though other sites might require you to pay.


3.) Don’t use all the social media platforms you can get your hands on.


Make no mistake, social media marketing isn’t free. While creating an account is free, keeping your account active and networking costs a lot of time and resources. And if you’re spending your resources on social media platforms where your target audience isn’t prevalent, then your marketing efforts would have been little to no avail. Instead of getting your business profile plastered on all the social media platforms you can get your hands-on, you’ll get better results (while spending less) if you just focus your resources on platforms where your target audience usually hangout. Using 2 – 3 social media platforms (depending on your budget) is a good number to start with.


4.) Do not compromise your web content’s quality.


Thinking that you have to produce fresh content daily is a common misconception that business owners fall for. Publishing 2 – 3 posts weekly is a good enough number. You can even produce 1 post per week if you’re publishing something that’s so comprehensive and thorough. If you publish a long post that’s packed with game changing tips, your readers will love you more than the sites who publish low quality to mediocre posts daily. The key here is to give your readers what they want. We all know that in most cases, people read because they have a problem that they want solved. It’s your job to determine what that problem is and to solve that problem by publishing something that answers it.


The more problems you solve, the more credibility you build as a business. This of course can easily turn your site visitors from simply readers to buyers. Think pull marketing. Creating quality  content is one of its core elements so you should never compromise its quality in any way shape or form.


5.) Create a Linkedin account. Start connecting and prospecting.


If you aren’t in the know, Linkedin is the social media platform where  professionals and business owners hangout. You won’t see anyone there posting selfies or talking about how awesome their biceps are since the users are more focused on business and career. This is a great place for you to market, connect and establish yourself as an authority by giving expert advice to others. This is especially true since Linkedin just recently released a feature where you can now publish long posts.


With this feature, you can start sharing in-depth advice to your target market and position yourself as an expert in the field. You can easily get referrals and endorsements from other users who can ultimately help you get more customers. Here’s a Linkedin marketing guide that I wrote that you REALLY need to take a look at – Warning: These Out-of-the-Box Linkedin Marketing Tips Are EXTREMELY Actionable and Effective


6.) By using a powerful sales copy, transition your social tribe’s mindset from being a reader to a buyer.


If you’re wondering whether or not marketing on social media platforms is worth the time and resources, you need to consider these points…


1.) There are roughly 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide.

2.) The amount of time people use in Facebook is roughly about 700 billion minutes monthly.

3.) There is an average of roughly 190 million Tweets made DAILY.


These numbers tell us one thing – people hang out on social media sites and they love being there! And if your customers are on there, wouldn’t it make sense for you to be on social media sites as well?


If you’re new to social media marketing, you need to remember that the main challenge is usually to shift the mindset of your viewers from simply browsing and consuming content, to making them want to buy. Using a landing page coupled with a strong sales copy is the perfect solution for that. It’s important to note that a strong sales copy’s purpose is to get your readers to buy and not to entertain them. Other business owners tend to think that provided the copy reads well and does not have any grammar mistakes, it’ll do well as a sales copy. They can never be farther from the truth. More than not having any grammar mistakes and the write-up reading well, there are usually a couple of sales psychology/techniques used within a well written sales copy. These techniques can be as minute as using a “-” over a “.” or even aligning your copy’s text or not. Some of these points can be quite subtle yet it affects the overall impact of your copy’s ability to convert. Jimmy Rodela

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