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Care Content Package

Let us show how much you care!

Care Content Package - 3 Months - $325

What is it?

It's a daily content posting service (5 per week) through your Social Networks that shows your audience that you care. We'll produce these 5 additional posts for your campaign every week for a three-month term and we'll make sure that they reflect the human side of your brand. These will be posts that offer hope, empathy, friendship, comfort, and even sensitive humor, and we'll make sure they get seen just as well as your usual daily posts by promoting them.

Why does it cost much less than our normal rate for promoted content?

Socially Tuned is offering this particular service at cost price. There's zero profit margin on it. In addition, we've also received kind and timely support from some of our key service provision partners in the form of contributions to our Social Media Advertising budgets. This means you don't have to pay for these special posts to be promoted, as we've got that covered for you.

How do I get it started?

Just use the "Buy Now" button above to purchase a 3 Month Term of this special service and your Campaign Manager will then reach out to you to schedule an online meeting with you to discuss your particular (theme) preferences on this service.

This service is delivered only through Facebook and Instagram. The inclusive promotional budget included with this service can only be used on either Facebook or Instagram. This service is subject to all of the terms and conditions as detailed on our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy page as linked to on our 1MC Social Media Campaign Engine service page.

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