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The Linkedin Campaign Engine - You simply will not find better for less money

"Consistently Great Content Every Day"
Peter Erklauer - CBS Therapy - Cranston, Rhode Island

It's a Strategy, Skilled People, and a Software Platform

Plus, a list of regular tasks we do for you every day

Exactly what's included and how do you buy it? Both answers are on this page...

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Our Pricing Structure Means That - The longer the term you buy, the lower the monthly cost!

Two Months ($1998 Single Payment) works out at the monthly cost of $999
Four Months ($3596 Single Payment) works out at the lower monthly cost of $899

Five Months ($3995 Single Payment) works out at our lowest monthly cost of only $799

For a fixed fee you get your own Four Person Team of Linkedin Specialists delivering the comprehensive level of service (detailed below), and the advanced Linkedin Campaign Engine Dashboard that allows you to see all of it happening for you in real-time so you stay in control of the whole process, wherever you are!

Includes all this for as little as $799 per month!

  • A dedicated Team of four delivering the Linkedin Campaign Engine Service

  • Regular Zoom meetings with your Campaign Team including written progress reports

  • Relevant content curated & posted to your Linkedin Page daily

  • Linkedin Posts are Promoted with a budget that's included in the price of this service!

  • Linkedin Connections Growth Program for your Linkedin Profile

  • Linkedin Page Bio Optimization

  • Interaction including; Commenting, Following, and Liking

  • Regular monitoring of your Linkedin Page for inquiries, feedback etc

  • Content Strategy with Publishing Calendar

  • Works Seamlessly with Canva

  • Comprehensive reporting system showing all of your key Linkedin metrics

  • Full Web Analytics Monitoring to show the effect of our service on your website

  • Monitors the internet for mentions of your business name or keywords

  • Easily accessible by you from any location via a simple to use Social Dashboard

  • Full ongoing Development & Support

...All contained in one great package with unrivalled live Customer Service and Support

"The Best Marketing Dollars I Ever Spent"
Christin Baker - Tello Films - Nashville, Tennessee

And right now...


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*A Free Linkedin Advertising Coupon worth up to $600 so that we can start running Ads for you now.


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Buy Four Months and get a $400 Coupon

Buy Five Months and get a $600 Coupon

Over 10 Years of Outstanding Service to our clients

We've been delivering successful Social Media outcomes with the highest levels of client satisfaction since 2011. Why not check us out with Paypal and they will be happy to confirm our excellent record of service delivery to our clients over the last ten years.


And if that's not enough for you, then take a look at the client Ratings and Reviews here on this page. They're all enjoying our service right now. Real People, Real Client Satisfaction, Real Results.


We will give you the phone contact details for each of them so you can speak with them directly yourself and hear how highly they rate us and our service. We really are that good! If you'd like to speak with other users of our service across the US then simply put your email address into the box higher up on this page and we'll reach out to you so we can arrange that for you.

So what's next?

Simply select and pay for one of the terms of service above. You will then receive an email from us thanking you for your payment and providing you with a list of times to choose from for your First Campaign Meeting. At least one of these times will be for the following working day (Mon-Fri).


During your First Campaign Meeting, we'll address some basic issues with you, such as; What's the website this Linkedin Campaign will support? Who's the target market? Where in the world would you like to target? What type and tone of content would you like us to curate for you?


No more than three working days after that meeting (subject to your own readiness) we will have prepared a week's worth of Linkedin Content for you to view and authorize. Weekly online meetings with you thereafter will ensure that we are delivering this service in accordance with your commercial objectives.

So, Buy Now Or simply put your Email Address into the field at the top of this page and we'll give you a Free online Demonstration of this great solution.

"Awesome Customer Service"
Dr Sonjia Kenya - DrSonjiacom - Miami Beach, Florida

Here's the detail on some of those main features...

A dedicated Team of four delivering the Linkedin Campaign Engine Service

In the world of Social Media, it's all about person-to-person interaction. That's why all of the content we curate for you is researched & prepared by people. Our great service is the combination of a large team of Linkedin Marketing Professionals and an advanced Campaign Dashboard. The majority of our team are university educated and make grammar, relevance, localization, and attention to objective the highest priority in every Post they prepare for you.


Your own Linkedin Campaign Engine Team consists of four personnel, each working hard toward your success on the Linkedin Network, within the remit of this particular service. Here's who they are and what they do:

Campaign Manager - Responsible for the overall success of your Linkedin Campaign. Prepares Strategy, Meets with you regularly online to report progress and take instruction from you. Leads your Campaign Team.

Campaign Support - Meets with you regularly online alongside your Campaign Manager. Takes meeting notes and actions any tasks generated from the meeting. Also corresponds with you via email on issues pertaining to your Content Strategy.
Content Curator - Responsible for the research, placement & publication of relevant content through your Linkedin Page, via the Campaign Dashboard. Communicates regularly with Campaign Support.

Technical Support - Responsible for assisting you with the operation of the Campaign Dashboard and all technical elements of your Campaign. Meets with you as required.


"The Influencer Targeting Capability Is Very Powerful "
Dr Bruno Chikly - The Chikly Health Institute - Tuscon, Arizona

Regular Zoom (or VR) meetings with your Linkedin Campaign Team including written progress reports

Your Linkedin Campaign Engine Team will meet with you regularly to discuss progress. We use the Zoom Meeting platform to do this. It's free for you to use and we'll arrange all the meetings and send you reminders so you don't have to worry about missing them. Your Linkedin Campaign Engine Team will always present themselves on camera from their desks so you can see them but you don't have to appear if you don't wish to. Just as long as we can hear you then that's just fine. After each online meeting you will receive (via email) a write-up of the meeting including everything that was discussed and we can also record meetings for you (audio and visual) if you like so you can view them later.

We are also pleased to offer meetings in Virtual Reality. We have an amazing office in the VR World that we'd love to invite you to.

Relevant content curated and posted to your Linkedin Page daily

The Linkedin Campaign Engine includes daily curation and publication (five posts per week) of great relevant content for your Campaign pushed out through your Linkedin Company Page. You'll see relevant content appearing in the Campaign Dashboard as it's produced for you and you can follow it on its way to your Page. Best of all, the content can be prepared and scheduled for you up to 7 days in advance, so you have the time to look at it (and approve it if necessary) before it goes live on your Profile. Additional daily content is available for as little as $4.70 per day

Linkedin Posts are Promoted with a budget that's included in the price of this service!

Whatever length of term of Linkedin Campaign Engine Service you buy from us we will spend at least $100 of it per month on Promoting the Content we produce for you that gets posted on your Linkedin Company Page. That means in the case of this service if you buy the Five-Month Term then $600 of the amount you paid us is saved and spent on that Paid Post Promotion Strategy. It means that we can ensure that the Linkedin Posts we produce for you are served up to the best demographic match of your choice.

"Does Exactly What It Says, and It's Great Value"
Paul Antonelli - Resicert - Perth, Australia

Linkedin Connections Growth Program for your Linkedin Profile

The Linkedin Campaign Engine includes regular invites sent out by your Campaign Engine Team to highly targeted individuals on Linkedin. We will work with you at the start of your campaign to take your instruction on industries, job titles, locations, and other factors so that we are targeting the most appropriate individuals in line with your objectives. We will then send at least 40 Connection Requests (from your designated Linkedin Profile) on your behalf each month to this agreed demographic so that we can improve the conditions for your Linkedin Connections level to increase.

Regular monitoring of your Linkedin Company Page for inquiries, feedback etc

The Linkedin Campaign Engine Dashboard pulls all of your incoming Linkedin feedback and messages into a central, single-column list that allows you to prioritize and reply to anything required. It allows you to keep track of all relevant conversations across your Company Page. You can reply directly from your Campaign Dashboard inbox and your message is intelligently directed back through your Linkedin Page straight to the commenter, inquirer. Socially Tuned will Monitor this inbox on a regular basis to support your own response operation.


Comprehensive reporting system showing all of your key Linkedin metrics

You can view this data live on the Campaign Dashboard, capture activity over a specific period of time, isolate singular individual activity, or see it comprehensively.


The Campaign Dashboard allows you to configure and customize reports on your Linkedin activity, then you can easily export your chosen data to CSV. 

Monitors the internet for mentions of your brand, business name or keywords

The Linkedin Campaign Engine Dashboard monitors the internet for you so you can be kept fully aware of all positive or negative comments that you may wish to respond to. When you log-out, The Dashboard will continue to function, performing many Linkedin tasks simultaneously whilst listening constantly to Linkedin conversations on your behalf where it will also intelligently contribute your most appropriate messages to the comment and conversation flow.

"A Dream To Deal With"
Nicole Conn - Nicole Conn Films Global - Los Angeles, California

Easily accessible by you via a simple to use Campaign Dashboard

The Linkedin Campaign Engine Dashboard is sophisticated and yet simple to use. Functionality is clearly marked with buttons that plainly say what they do. When you log-in there's a lot of nicely presented data to look at, and you'll enjoy looking at it because it's about how your business or brand is performing and moving up on Linkedin right now.

Full Ongoing Development & Support

The Linkedin Algorithm and new features added regularly mean that it's changing all of the time. No problem, The Linkedin Campaign Engine Dashboard is continually developed to keep up with the very latest developments. It's also fully supported by a dedicated team you can speak with directly.

Why wait? This Service will start delivering results for you on day one of activation

The Linkedin Campaign Engine is a combination of human and code interaction that your competitors simply won't be able to handle, And it works immediately, so you don't have to wait around.


While your competitors are still trying to work out a Linkedin Strategy, you'll already have one, and we'll keep it on track for you every day.


BUY IT NOW at the top of this page!

"I Just Signed Up For Another 12 Months"
Dr. Robert Phillips - The Coping Counselors - Hicksville, New York

At the top of this web page and also included in some of our advertising and other marketing, Socially Tuned states that this particular service is available "From only $799 Month" This amount refers to the (equivalent) Monthly Rate you will pay if you engage the Linkedin Campaign Engine for a Five Month Term with a single payment of $3995.

*The Free Linkedin Advertising Coupon is a virtual coupon (represented by a code) held by Socially Tuned which can be used at the client's instruction by the Socially Tuned Ads Team. This offer must be used within the client's First term of Linkedin Campaign Engine Service and the amount is non-deductable and non-refundable.

Privacy Policy - We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


Your purchase of this service means you have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy, which can be read in full by simply Clicking Here.

All prices on our website will be subject to VAT if you are based in the UK.

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