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We'll keep you visible with a guaranteed Top 3 Search Engine Position for as low as less than *$20 a Day

Search Engine Advertising Campaign

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...And we do it for less money, and more efficiently per dollar than anyone else. Here's How:

  • We work directly with Microsoft.

  • We won't spend your money with Google.

  • We only serve your Ads up at the optimum times.

  • We get you served on more Voice Technology than Google.

  • We make your Ads appear on both Android and Apple devices.

  • We don't bid for the overpriced Search Terms that will never generate ROI.

  • We don't construct your Ads for Clicks, we construct for Clicks that will Convert Profitably.

  • We practice what we preach and use this same Search Engine Advertising Strategy for our own business

See more on these bullet-pointed statements further below...

We work directly with Microsoft

Microsoft owns Bing, which is one of the most popular Search Engines in the US. They offer an excellent level of direct communication options which means we can pick up the phone and speak with them any time to improve campaign results. Microsoft has an unrivalled heritage in the technology sector for both scale and longevity. They've been making the business world work long before Search Engines such as Google even existed and we rate their resources very highly. As Microsoft continues to push forward progressively in areas such as Social Media (with its ownership of Linkedin), Google has faltered in the same arena with its failed Social Network (Google+). While both are commercial giants, it's fair to say that we spend more of our work time with Microsoft and more of our play time with Google. Let's get to work.

We won't spend your money with Google

Google is getting plenty of everyone else's money, but that's actually part of the problem with their Ads platform. There's just too much competition, and that's going to cost you on an increased Cost per Click basis for your ideal Search Terms when you get in a bidding battle with many others. Bing Ads have a 70% lower cost per click and a 12% higher Conversion rate than equivalent Ads on Google. Bing Ads reach 63 Million Searchers that aren't reached with Google Adwords and statistically, Bing Search users have more disposable income than Google Search users. Those numbers just work better for your business.

We only serve your Ads up at the optimum times

Ad Serving at the optimum times saves you money, it's that simple. That's why we always use the Ad Schedule option to eliminate the dead zones during each day and week. It's true to say that people use Search Engines both day and night. Remember though that we're not just looking for clicks and we know that people are more likely to buy as a result of a click at certain times rather than others. Plenty of other Ad providers will also take the time and trouble to use an Ad Scheduler. We're not saying we're unique in doing this. We're just being clear that we do it as standard.

We get you served on more Voice Technology than Google

"Alexa - What Search Engine are you using whenever I ask a question?" Answer - I use the Bing Search Engine!

Yes, that's right... Bing powers more Voice Technology than Google does. In fact three of the four major virtual assistants on the market - Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, and Amazon's Alexa use Bing for their searches.

We make your Ads appear on both Android and Apple devices

During 2018 Bing had the highest rate of balanced cross saturation on both Android and Apple devices than any other Search Engine. You can still choose if you like, but you can also have it all.

We don't bid for the overpriced Search Terms that will never generate ROI

In the short to medium term we're more concerned about ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for your Campaign Dollars. This is vital because without that we're not going to be able to take you to the next stage, which is ROI (Return on Investment). ROAS isn't sustainable over the longer term because it doesn't take into account your Net Profit on the goods sold through (or as an indirect result of) Search Engine Advertising. ROI does (or certainly should) take this into account, and it mostly requires repeat (or continuing) Ad Spending, which is only viable if we have at least ROAS in the early stages. During the first two weeks of your Search Engine Advertising Campaign we conduct the most intensive aspects of split testing. This includes the potential elimination of more expensive Search Terms that could increase Campaign cost and delay or cancel ROI. Bidding for business is just good, but consistently overbidding is just not good business.

We don't construct your Ads for Clicks, we construct for Clicks that will Convert Profitably

This means you're not simply buying online traffic. You're buying online sales, and because we're keeping tight control over the bids on Search Terms we can ensure that you're not over paying for those sales. There has to be margin left for you. This type of strategy means we have to have a clear understanding of issues such as; your product Cost, your historical or predicted rate of repeat transaction, your position on, or plan for additional products or services, your CRM strategy and other elements. With such other data, we can help you to calculate the optimum value of a new customer over a given term of say, 12 Months. Having data and ideas on items such as the following will allow us to assign a true value to a Conversion:

  • How much could they spend with me
  • How could they help me influence others who could spend with me
  • How can I make my customers fanatical about my business or brand
  • How can I best learn from my customers
  • How can I best serve my customers

All of these and more affect the Ad Copy and choice of images because by making the desired outcome the primary goal we are reverse engineering the process. This prompts a swifter positive outcome for your spend.

We practice what we preach and use this same Search Engine Advertising Strategy for our own business

This Stategy represents our second most successful marketing channel (for new business) out of the five different channels we've been utilizing over the last four years, the first place now consistently being held by our Client Referal Program.This means we can wholeheartedly recommend it to you also.

What's the basic structure of a Campaign package being offered here ?

$4800 includes the complete build and deployment of one campaign which includes at least:

  • 5 Ad Groups.
  • 500 Keywords (Search Terms) - So this breaks down to an allocation of at least 100 Keywords per Ad Group.
  • 3 Ads per Ad Group - (At least) Which means...
  • 15 Different Ads - This is a minimum and we'll most likely build more Ads to match suggested new Keywords.
  • 500,000 Targeted Audience Impressions.

A Campaign with $4800 can incorporate all of the above but with only one type of audience. If you're looking for different Audience types then your minimum spend with us has to be at least $6900. This is because each distinct Audience type will most likely demand its own message. That means its own set of Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords etc and that's where the larger budget is required. A larger spend also allows us to reach far more targeted people, so our $6900 Budget can achieve a Targeted Audience Impression level of 1 Million. 

How do we get the traffic flowing to your website now?

All you need now is an advertising budget. Simply select a number of Targeted Audience Impressions that you want your Ad to achieve from the options above. Then click on the 'Buy Now' button and pay through the Paypal window that will open for you. Your Campaign Manager will then email you to arrange an online meeting to discuss exactly who you want to target (the specific demographics and the list of Keywords/Search Terms) to bring directly back to your website.

*The guaranteed top 3 search engine position for less than $20 a day is valid on the $6900 spend only. The $6900 budget must run no longer than 365 days. The guaranteed top 3 position applies to at least one of the keywords or search terms that Socially Tuned will incorporate into your Ad Campaign and that will be relevant to your product/products or service/services. The Audience Impression levels stated here will be less than forecast in the event where more keywords (more than one) are targeted for first-page positioning on the campaign.  The guarantee stated here (for Ad positioning) is only valid for a campaign targeting one country and one defined demographic and applies to the Bing Search Engine only.


The Campaign Budget you buy on this page is subject to prevailing Paypal charges and these charges will be due by you (the buyer). For your convenience, such Paypal charges will be deducted from your purchased Campaign Budget.


The Campaign Budgets (for amounts of Targeted Audience Impressions) on this web page are non-refundable. They are also non-transferable to any other service.


In the event that you decide not to continue with our 1MC Social Media Campaign Engine service (or fail to pay for said service in advance) then our stated Targeted Audience Impressions Guarantee is no longer valid.

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