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About Us

Our History, Structure, and our People.

Providing Service Globally for the last 12 Years

Established in 2011 Socially Tuned is a UK based international Social Media Agency, handling hundreds of campaigns for clients in 46 different countries. The majority of Socially Tuned staff work New York Local Time (4:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST) for the mutual convenience of our California and Europe wide clients.

Well resourced

Employing 27 Social Media Technicians allows us to provide your campaign with the specialist human resources it requires. All of our employees have attended University and achieved a Degree. Each is committed to the continuing advancement of knowledge in the field of Social Media. See some of our team below.

Using the best tools

Socially Tuned uses the 1MC Social Media Advertising Campaign to provide success in the Social Networks. It consistently delivers for our clients and we are always happy to recommend it to other agencies.

Excellent credentials

Please speak with our past and present clients and they will give you an honest assessment of our performance. We will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of Brands, Businesses and Agencies who have used our services.

Some of our team




Ali Kuderewski - Content Curator 


University of Tennessee

Bachelor of Science, Microbiology

2007 - 2011



Josey Webb - Technical Director


Staffordshire University

BA (Hons), Sports Journalism



Tracey Buysse


Shaw University

1990 – 1992




Elliot Forwell


University of York
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

2018 - 2021





Sally Ford - Campaign Manager & Company Director



Abbie Grundy - Content Curator


Lancaster University

Bachelor's Degree, English Literature and Creative Writing and Practice





Gemma Andrews - Content Curator


Manchester Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Language & Literature




Justyna Ockleford - Technical Support


University of Wroclaw
BA Early Childhood Education






Michael Forwell

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